Next Gigs

  • Zone 11, Hallein, 24. 4. 2020, together with Monokini

  • Downunder, Vienna, 25. 4. 2020, together with Monokini

New Double Album out now - Pepe!!!

Pepe - A Tale of Love and Passion - the first Austrian Surf Operetta - 
tells a timeless story of love, jealousy, slavery and accidents in interstellar

travel. Available in a limited edition of 300 double 7" records in an 

exclusive gatefold cover. With big photo-love story!

Available from

  • Plan 9 Trash Records

  • Green Cookie Records

  • Rave Up, Vienna

  • Recordbag, Vienna

  • Schallter, Vienna

  • Substance, Vienna

The ONLY Austrian Contemporary Surf Music Sampler -

Breadcrumb Beach ...
on Vinyl and Digital

File under: Contemporary Austrian Instrumental Surf Music ... from Plan 9 Trash Records, also home of the great Schnitzelbilly Records!

Instrumental Surf Music - dominating the beaches of Southern California a long time ago, has become a world wide phenomenon pursued by musicians that came to the conclusion that they cannot sing. The speed, the rumbling reverb and the complexity within simple song structures has always been the trademark of this genre. For the first time in history, five Austrian bands have joined forces to document their efforts on record. The result is a full-length vinyl named Breadcrumb Beach - to be filed under Contemporary Instrumental Austrian Surf Music. From the impassable mountainranges of the west to the sun-drenched puszta in the east comes this music - prepare for an avalanche of guitars from

Balu und die Surfgrammeln, Dave and the Pussies, The Goodhair Brothers. sonodrom express and The Latent Surfers.



But the real stuff is ... Vinyl !!!!

... in Europe


... and in Glorious Viennese Record Shops:

... and Innsbruck

Our 45 rpm vinyl EP "Los Chicharrones del Surf" on turntables all over the planet ...

Well -  almost all are gone. But there is a digital version on Bandcamp ...

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