Der Zerfall von Backerbsen

And a cheesy video announcing our "Los Chicharrones del Surf" EP ...

Col. Ratvurst causes an eclipse by accident

A video from our concert at the Downunder, Vienna, on April 17. 2015. Video by R. Sonnleitner.

An interview with one of our guitarists for - the whole text in German can be found here: Ein bissel raunziger: BALU & DIE SURFGRAMMELN ...

A review of our debut EP "Los Chicharrones del Surf" on Hunter King's "Storm Surge of Reverb" page ...

... and a great review in Spanish from the Mexican Musica Inclasificable blog ...

Die traurige Grammel

A small teaser for a concert in June 2015 with Pirato Ketchup featuring our song "Die traurige Grammel"

I'm ginchy, you're ginchy ...

Out of the cheezy B-Movie video series ...

an announcement for a concert in September 2016 with the Kilaueas from Germany.


... a classic from our first concert at the Chelsea together with Beach Girls and the Monster and Dave & the Pussies from October 2013.

Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2018

A great video from Surfer Joe, made by Mauro della Prugna.

Pablo Medrano - Surf Music Photography

Kind words and great images from SJSF 2018 by  Pablo Medrano...

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