Der Zerfall von Backerbsen

And a cheesy video announcing our "Los Chicharrones del Surf" EP ...

Col. Ratvurst causes an eclipse by accident

A video from our concert at the Downunder, Vienna, on April 17. 2015. Video by R. Sonnleitner.

An interview with one of our guitarists for - the whole text in German can be found here: Ein bissel raunziger: BALU & DIE SURFGRAMMELN ...

A review of our debut EP "Los Chicharrones del Surf" on Hunter King's "Storm Surge of Reverb" page ...

... and a great review in Spanish from the Mexican Musica Inclasificable blog ...

Die traurige Grammel

A small teaser for a concert in June 2015 with Pirato Ketchup featuring our song "Die traurige Grammel"

I'm ginchy, you're ginchy ...

Out of the cheezy B-Movie video series ...

an announcement for a concert in September 2016 with the Kilaueas from Germany.


... a classic from our first concert at the Chelsea together with Beach Girls and the Monster and Dave & the Pussies from October 2013.

Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2018

A great video from Surfer Joe, made by Mauro della Prugna.

Pablo Medrano - Surf Music Photography

Kind words and great images from SJSF 2018 by  Pablo Medrano...

Augustin August 2020

Kind words on our latest release "Pepe", on Surf Operettas and so on from the Viennese Augustin newspaper, froam August 2020.

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